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We like to have our own projects with which we try to offer solutions to problems we have come across, to research new possibilities offered by the Internet and implement our own initiatives.

Below are some examples of those that are already online. If you've got an idea or you need a technology partner to develop your online project, you can count on us with the total confidence that we can offer you solutions and if we like it, we'll participate actively in developing the project.

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Entreescritores.com es una red social donde escritores con obras inéditas o autopublicadas pueden publicar sus libros para que los valoren los lectores. Los libros mejor valorados serán enviados a las editoriales colaboradoras que seleccionarán el libro que van a publicar.

En entreescritores.com unimos el poder del lector como figura imprescindible en este nuevo paradigma y el conocimiento de la edición que aportan las editoriales colaboradoras: Gaumin argitaletxea, Editorial Salto de Página, Letra Clara, Tropo editores, Ediciones del Serbal, Mandala ediciones y Club editor

Lotura aporta al proyecto su conocimiento en la puesta en marcha de proyectos para la creación de comunidades online. Entreescritores partió de una idea "ayudar a escritores con obras inéditas a conocer la opinión de los lectores".

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Funciona para todos

This is a project we developed with the Social Technology Foundation, Association for the Promotion of Social Technology/a>, Consultant Applied Anthropology and Lotura company over 15 years of experience launching online business. It's a website where users can report problems of usability and accessibility.


Cose con Alfa

In 2008, Lotura developed an innovative online shop for AlfaHogar which was based around a community of sewing enthusiasts. The aim of this platform was to create a community of sewing enthusiasts and enable them make their own creations (DIY). Users had a space to chat, share, buy and sell. They could also listen to ideas and suggestions in a space which was specially created and designed for users, thereby promoting the concept of "handmade" goods and the customisation of clothes among the younger generation.

Until then, online shops had been nothing more than catalogues of products. With "Sew with Alfa", users were able to have their own blog, personal forums, a shop to sell their creations, an academy, patterns and the official shop itself, complete with a wealth of audiovisual material for learning how to use a sewing machine. It won several awards and was mentioned by various industry magazines as an example of e-commerce marketing. Lotura developed the design, features and programming for the entire site. It was also responsible for the launch of the social network and the corresponding marketing plan. Lotura additionally developed the customer service platform which responded to queries from community users. In order to implement this project, Lotura worked in partnership with an advertising and telemarketing company which responded to the user. Due to a strategic change in the online sales model for sewing machines, Alfa hogar continued to market its products under its brand name and its own website.



A meeting place for the public to report the poor conditions of their streets and neighbourhoods. The goal is for this to serve as a communication channel between town councils and neighbours in order to build not liveable neighbourhoods and cities. This platform allows the public to register, record an incident and modify its status, as well as to publish opinions and communicate with their town council. Meanwhile, each week the councils receive the incidents published and can answer their citizens.



Software to create multimedia catalogs and recorded in a CD or USB. We got 40.000 dowsloads.